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SALEM Marketplace Magazine

Here's the latest Digital Version of SALEM Marketplace!

To view the Entire Magazine,

simply click on the Front Cover below and flip through the 

individual pages right to left.

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Proudly Promoting Businesses Since 2005!

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Advertising, branding & marketing are great for both businesses and consumers!

Having several methods of branding is crucial for any and all businesses. Creating top of the mind awareness is the goal of any Business -- and GoldStar Media can help!

Print products are fantastic, in that the can be seen and felt.  Not only can you get any print media products designed for your business, offering several methods of distribution, your business is assured to be seen...over & over again! We're consistently growing, determined to promote you and your business in the best way possible!

For the magazine, we always print on the highest quality paper available, giving it the upscale look and feel. Be sure to reward your current customers with your branding products -- as well as attracting new ones!  Let us create effective ads and products that effectively showcase your business! 

Typically, during an economical downturn, rash decisions are made, such as the decision to cut marketing and advertising.  However, research proves companies who maintain or even increase advertising, and or marketing during a recession, survive better during and after the downturn!  Advertising your business maintains visibility...and we take pride in showcasing you in the best way possible!

As the saying goes, 'If you're not advertising, your competition is.'

To to reserve a spot in the magazine, or for any other marketing or promotional needs, please call (503)779-9491, or email Karen at

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